What are dentures?

Dentures are a restorative treatment used to replace missing teeth. While partial dentures are able to replace a small quantity of missing teeth, complete dentures are able to replace entire sets of missing teeth. Modern dentures are lighter and more natural looking than those of old, able to give patients a smile they can trust in.

What does treatment involve?

Your denture will be custom-made according to impressions taken by your dentist, to ensure they fit the contours of your mouth perfectly. Once the denture has been created according to the individual nature of your mouth, it will be fitted and the dentist will check to ensure you are happy with the look and fit. You will be informed about how best to care for your dentures and do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Why would I need denture treatment?

It is always beneficial to replace missing teeth because gaps can create problems with eating and speech, as well as the aesthetics of the smile. Dentures are an effective means of replacing missing teeth, able to restore functionality and create an attractive, natural aesthetic. Modern dentures are very light and are designed to look and function exactly like natural teeth.

Dentures at Mollison Way Dental Surgery are an effective and comfortable restorative treatment for missing teeth.

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