Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available today, able to provide an instantaneous boost to the colour and appearance of teeth, during a quick and straightforward session.

Why would I need tooth whitening?

Even healthy teeth can become discoloured over time, due to general wear and tear. Daily consumption of strongly coloured drinks, such as red wine, coffee and tea, as well as the unhealthy act of smoking, are the main causes of stained teeth. If you have stained teeth and this is affecting your confidence, teeth whitening is a good way to improve your smile and restore lost confidence.

What does the treatment process involve?

Teeth whitening treatments are very quick, with home whitening involving wearing a special tray of whitening agent to gradually whiten the teeth. The whitening agent shifts stains and enhances the colour of teeth. The tooth colour you desire will be discussed with your dentist.

Teeth whitening home-kits from Mollison Way Dental Surgery are completely safe and there is no pain involved.

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